Di Huang Shu
Di Huang Shu
By Star Zero, Xing Ling, 星零
26 Chapters
3 Reviews
Twenty years ago, there was a great upheaval in Yunxia, and Di Shengtian, with her close friend Han Zian, quelled the chaos and disappeared from the public eye. Ten years later, the entire Di family was annihilated, with only a lone girl being banished to Mount Tai, and the century-old foundation of the Di’s family was destroyed. If Di Shengtian had known that one day her own disciples would exterminate the entire Di family, would she still have shared half of her kingdom to secure a lasting legacy for the future? Regardless of how the world marvels at the era of Di Shengtian, as time passes, when Ren Anle, bored and idle, reads this history of the wilds while curled up in her bandit’s den, she can only laugh and say… winners become kings and losers are defeated, this is how the world works. Who in this world still cares how the once strongest person in Yunxia would respond?

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