By Meng Xi Shi
154 Chapters
22 Reviews
He had four disobedient disciples, who now achieved success, won recognition and established their own sects. The embarrassing thing is that it was him who drove those four out of his sect to make them independent. But one day he had an incident and lost his cultivation. His life was hanging by a thread. Wandering around, he walked into his third disciple’s territory. What should I do? Mountains and seas can be tamed, days and nights can disappear. Only you, the exceptional you, refuse to give up. —— A man blessed with fortune, the best in his generation, had an accident and started anew; broken in body but firm in spirit, he now uses his wisdom to guide his evil disciples back to the right path. Notes : The title 参商 (Shēnshāng) has two meanings: 1) Constellations Shen (ch. “Three Stars mansion”, eu. Orion) and Shang (ch. “Heart mansion”, eu. Antares), which never appear at the same time. 2) Two friends/relatives who are separated/estranged and irreconcilable.