I Became the Older Brother of the Heroine in an Abusive Novel
I Became the Older Brother of the Heroine in an Abusive Novel
By Liu Gou Hua
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Duke of Yongning’s heir, Jun Huailang was reborn and found that he was a cannon fodder N in a xiaoma literature*. The male protagonist, Xue Yan, who was originally an unfavored prince, was ostracized and persecuted since he was a child. After the blackening, he formed a private party to support his younger brother to the throne and became a sovereign regent. He also slaughtered the young Empress Dowager’s whole family, forcing the Empress Dowager to stay with him. The Empress Dowager fell in love with him and was willing to be his plaything. The whole book was full of an indescribable scene between the two of them. It made Jun Huailang tremble in anger. Because this Empress Dowager was not someone else, but his own biological younger sister. It was not someone else’s family that was slaughtered, but his family. After rebirth, facing a younger sister who was only six years old, Jun Huailang, the gentleman of Qianqian, made up his mind for the first time. He’s going to kill that beast for his sister. Note: Xiaoma literature: A novel in which the male protagonist ’s father married a young and beautiful young mother (stepmother).

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