Flower Master in the City
Flower Master in the City
By Heart Is Wandering
1555 Chapters
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This is a story about a legend, a legend of one that should never be forgotten. Summer, first time down the mountains in 16 years, after being raised by his 3 masters and Fairy sister. ‘Why won’t you follow the Rules of society?’ [The rules are the tool made by the strong, so I follow my own rules.] ‘Why won’t you just use your brain instead of your brawn?’ [Idiot! Have you ever seen anyone use their brain, to get back at an ant that bites them!? No, they just casually step on it.] ‘Everyone says I’m a first-class beauty!’ [Ugly, You’re not even qualified to be my maid. Only a ‘Summer certified beauty’ is worthy enough!] ‘I may be your enemy, but I’ve heard you don’t beat the sick.’ [Oh, don’t worry, even if you’re on your last breath and I feel it’s beneath me to slap shot you dead. I’ll just fix you up and then beat you!] ‘Just who the hell are you?’ [You don’t know who I am!? Then listen carefully] “I am Summer in the spring, the autumn, and the winter, I am the world’s first above the heavens!” Follow me, Summer Day as I step by step become formally known as the world’s first master, the world’s first doctor, the world’s richest man…… a lot of other world’s number one, but most importantly, The worlds happiest man.